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Today I spent some time looking through my spam folder. Since beginning of this year I received 47587 spam messages but only 38281 ham (i.e. good) messages. This means that 55% of my mails are now spam.

Not surprisingly, the spam messages came from a much wider set of hosts than the spam messages: 43673 hosts sent only spam, 3034 hosts sent only ham, and 145 hosts sent both types of messages. This effect can also be seen in my old map of the internet.

The worst offender is the host with the IP address It sent 49 spam emails to me this year, the first one on 2007-02-23 (Bitte Geld abholen !!), the last one until now on 2007-11-02 (Bitte zurück Rufen). It is sad that this spammer manages to use the same address for 10 month in a row for an, in my eyes, criminal activity without being stopped.

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