colorspace conversion in Python (updated)

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Just in case this is useful for anybody: here is an implementation of the HSV to RGB colorspace conversion in Python:

from __future__ import division

def hsv2rgb(h, s, v):
    hi = int(h//60 % 6)
    f = h/60 - h//60
    p = v * (1-s)
    q = v * (1-f*s)
    t = v * (1-(1-f)*s)
    return [ (v,t,p), (q,v,p), (p,v,t), (p,q,v), (t,p,v), (v,p,q) ][hi]

Update. In the meantime I learned that the Python standard library has a built-in version of this function in the colorsys module.

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