By Jochen Voss, last updated 2011-09-20


Jvterm is a terminal emulator, somewhat similar to the Linux text console or the XTerm terminal emulator. Usually it runs in fullscreen mode, so you can use it to make your X11 desktop look like a boring text console ;-)

Some distinctive features of jvterm are the following:

Jvterm was implemented by Jochen Voss.


The program uses the FreeType2 library for font rendering and the SDL and SDL_gfx libraries to output the graphics. Because the code uses special features of the GNU C library and the GNU C compiler, it will probably only compile on GNU/Linux systems.


You can click on the following pictures to get an enlarged view.

[character attributes] This picture shows a part of the tack terminal test program. You can see some graphics characters from the curses ACS character set, and some text attributes. Of course the text labeled blink blinks in reality.
[colors] This picture shows a color test image from the tack terminal test program.
[selection] This picture shows the jvterm selection support. The selection is controlled with the keyboard. You can also select large amounts of lines, ranging back into the scrollback area.


You can download the jvterm sources here:

jvterm version 0.2.6, 2005-11-10
jvterm version 0.2.5, 2005-11-09

Please mail any suggestions and bug reports to Jochen Voss <voss@seehuhn.de>. Your message should include the jvterm version number, as obtained by the command jvterm -V.

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