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Juggling patterns

By Jochen Voss, last updated 2011-08-31

This page collects several juggling patterns, which can be described as site-swaps. This is a restriction which leads to the omission of many great juggling patterns like the Mills' Mess and of many tricks like throwing behind your back. But, as you will see, even with this restriction in place there is some interesting stuff left.

Basic Three Ball Patterns

three-ball cascase

[3 (3-ball cascade)]



three-ball shower

[51 (3-ball shower)]

Advanced Three Ball Patterns





Four-ball patterns

four-ball fountain

[4 (4-ball fountain)]

four-ball half-shower

[53 (4-ball half-shower)]

four-ball tennis

[53444 (4-ball tennis)]

four-ball shower

[71 (4-ball shower)]

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