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SandUhr is an alarm clock, which is designed as an hourglass. The program uses the X Window System and the GNOME desktop environment. The alarm is delivered to you by either ringing the console bell, by playing a sound file, or by starting an external program of your choice.

The program is fully integrated into the GNOME application framework.

SandUhr was implemented by Jochen Voss.


sanduhr version 1.93, 2004-08-14 (experimental version)

This is a preview of the GNOME-2 port of SandUhr and also includes some preparations for theme support (try the command sanduhr -t steel). Thanks to Jens Koerber for sending patches.

sanduhr version 1.92, 2004-08-09 (experimental version)
sanduhr version 1.0, 2002-04-09 (stable version)

This is the GNOME 1 version of sanduhr. It is quite outdated by now.

Please mail any suggestions and bug reports to Jochen Voss <>. Your message should include the SandUhr version number, as obtained by the command sanduhr --version.

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