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The Ising model is a simple model from statistical mechanics, which describes a system of coupled spins. The spins are modelled as cells which can be in either of two states. In the pictures below each pixel corresponds to one cell, and the states are represented by the colors black and white.

The program implements two iterative methods to simulate states of the Ising model: the Gibbs sampler and the Metropolis algorithm.


This package needs the X window system. It can display the current state as an image in a window. Examples of such images are displayed below. There is a function to save these images in a file.

xising version 1.0, 2004-07-13


The following images illustrate the output of the program. Larger pictures can be obtained by clicking on the images.

state inverse temperature
[beta=0.2] β=0.2
[beta=0.21] β=0.21
[beta=0.219] β=0.219

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