Fast-Dm: a Free Programm for Efficient Diffusion Model Analysis

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details: and : Fast-Dm: a Free Programm for Efficient Diffusion Model Analysis. Behavior Research Methods, vol. 39, no. 4, pp. 767–775, 2007.
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keywords: fast-dm, Ratcliff, software


In the present paper a flexible and fast computer program, called fast-dm, for diffusion model data analysis is introduced. Fast-dm is free software and can be obtained from the authors of this paper. The program allows estimating all parameters of Ratcliff's (1978) diffusion model from the empiric response time distributions of any binary classification task. Fast-dm is easy to use: it reads input data from simple text files, while program settings are specified by commands in a control file. The program allows to estimate even complex, hierarchical models and to fix individual parameters to given values. Detailed directions for use of fast-dm are presented, as well as results from three short simulation studies exemplifying the utility of fast-dm.

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