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A while ago, the computer game Infinity Blade 2 was given away for free as part of some advertisement campaign and I got myself a copy at the time.

One of the features in the game is a "gem forge", where one can put in three gems and, after a few hours, gets a different gem in return. Gems have both financial value (gems can be sold) and practical value (gems can be used to enhance fighting skills and equipment). I searched for advice about how to best use the gem forge, but found only vague rumours and incomprehensible to me lists.

To understand the gem forge better, I started taking notes about which output I got for which combination of inputs. The procedure is a bit slow, so I have only 16 data points so far, but I got a few results:

I haven't looked at other properties (shape, colour, function, etc.) of the gems yet.

If anybody knows more about the gem forge, or if there is a good reference available on the internet, I'd be happy to learn about this.

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