CO2 emissions for different modes of transportation (updated)

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Today I found the British government's guidelines for computing the CO2 emission for different modes of transportation. I like the careful explanation of the authors' methodology.

The results are summarised in the table below. All data is for 2008, and I rounded and simplified the values to make them easier to digest. You can find the true results in the report. The values for cars (marked with an asterisk) are given in g/km, you need to divide them by the number of passengers in the car.

mode of transportation CO2 emission
[g / passenger km]
national rail 60 table 21 (page 25)
london underground 65 table 21 (page 25)
trams etc. 78 table 21 (page 25)
Eurostar 18 table 21 (page 25)
bus 107 table 17 (page 21)
coach 29 table 17 (page 21)
petrol car 207* table 11 (page 18)
diesel car 198* table 11 (page 18)
motor cycle 106* table 18 (page 22)
domestic flights 175 table 3 (page 9)
short-haul flights 98 table 3 (page 9)
long-haul flights 111 table 3 (page 9)

Update (2010-04-13). DEFRA reorganised their web page, so the above link does no longer work. Their reports can now be found on the Greenhouse gas (GHG) conversion factor methodology papers page. I believe that the 2008 report there is identical to what I used for the table.

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