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I like to use the matplotlib Python library to create figures for use in my articles. Unfortunately, the matplotlib default settings seem to be optimised for screen-viewing, so creating pictures for inclusion in a scientific paper needs some fiddling. Here is an example script which sets up things for such a figure.

#! /usr/bin/env python

import matplotlib
from pylab import *

rc("font", family="serif")
rc("font", size=10)

width = 4.5
height = 1.4
rc("figure.subplot", left=(22/72.27)/width)
rc("figure.subplot", right=(width-10/72.27)/width)
rc("figure.subplot", bottom=(14/72.27)/height)
rc("figure.subplot", top=(height-7/72.27)/height)
figure(figsize=(width, height))

x = loadtxt("x.dat")
plot(x[:,0], x[:,1], "k-")


The script performs the following steps:

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