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I learned about the different kinds of grains long ago, when I was in primary school. Since then I have somehow managed to confuse myself about which grain is which. Here's to unconfusion! (All information and pictures are from Wikipedia; follow the links for details.)

name picture comments
wheat / Weizen
(Triticum aestivum, Triticum durum, etc.)
[wheat] Used for bread, flour, couscous, beer, biofuel, …

Needs good soil and climate, several species of wheat are used, main source of vegetable protein in human food.

barley / Gerste
(Hordeum vulgare)
[barley] Used for beer, whisky, animal feeding, …

One of the first cultivated crops (together with einkorn and emmer).

oat / Hafer
(Avena sativa)
[oat] Used for animal feeding (e.g. horses), oat flakes, porridge, …

Can be grown in regions with relatively cold, wet summers.

rye / Roggen
(Secale cereale)
[rye] Used for bread, animal feeding, …

Can grow on relatively poor soil and in colder climates.

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