Jochen's Sliding Picture Puzzle

By Jochen Voss, last updated 2011-09-05



Jochen's Sliding Picture Puzzle is a puzzle game which you can play in your web browser. It is implemented as an HTML5 app and requires a modern web browser with good HTML5 support to play.

[webpuzzle screenshot]

A screenshot of Jochen's Sliding Picture Puzzle


webpuzzle version 2, 2010-12-08 (bug fix release)
webpuzzle version 1, 2010-06-27

first public release

Open Issues

This section lists some problems with the code which I haven't solved yet. Hints how to solve these problems would be very welcome.

  1. Sound does not work in Google Chrome on MacOS X when I run then copy on the web server. Curiously, when loading exactly the same files from the local file system instead, sound works. Also sound works with Apple Safari and Firefox.
  2. The custom cursors do not work with Firefox on MacOS X. They do work with Firefox on Linux and with both Safari and Chrome on MacOS X. (This seems to be expected behaviour.)
  3. After you have moved a tile, the cursor doesn't immediately change back to its normal shape. You need to move the mouse by one pixel to make the change happen (at least with Google Chrome and Safari on MacOS X). This problem is quite mysterious to me. Maybe a browser bug?


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